Orthodox Boys Compete in NJ Junior Olympics While Keeping their Faith & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


UK Math Prodigy Who Graduated Oxford at 13 is Now Orthodox Mom of 4 in Jerusalem

She became famous in a competition as a child, but now this brilliant Mathematician is famous for choosing life as a Baalas Teshuva in Jerusalem.

Cops Stage Fake Traffic Stop to Help Man’s Marriage Proposal

Proposals are always nerve-wracking affairs, but all the moreso when the NYPD pulls you over in the middle of one. Watch this cute religious Jewish couple get engaged.

French Jewish Photographer Trains Wry Eye on Brooklyn’s Lubavitchers

In order to help combat anti-semitism, a well-known secular Jewish French photographer came to Brooklyn to spend time photographing the Lubavitch community in Crown Heights. The result is an irreverent, heartfelt and beautiful series of photos now making waves in a Paris show.

Teaneck Star Swimmers Compete in NJ Junior Olympics

These two brothers make a serious Kiddush Hashem as they put Torah above their quest for swimming glory. That doesn’t stop them from making waves in the swimming world…in fact, it just makes it all the more meaningful.

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