Rabbanit Carmit Feintuch Becomes First Female Communal Leader in Jerusalem “Rambam” Synagogue & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Woman’s Funeral Had No Attendees So 30 Strangers Showed Up
When no one showed up to Francine Stein’s funeral, a viral online post from the daughter of the officiating rabbi drew a crowd of 30 Orthodox Jews to help out. The mitzvah of levayas hameis just happens to also be a kiddush Hashem.

How Israeli Women Are Pushing Rabbis to Loosen the Chains of Marriage
With recalcitrant husbands withholding gets from wives throughout Israel, the office of the Chief Rabbinate is starting to get involved. With new focus on the topic, hope is blossoming for chained women throughout the country.

Ramban Synagogue in South Jerusalem Appoints Woman As Spiritual Leader
Rabbanit Karmit Feintuch will be the first female communal leader in a synagogue in Israel. Rabbi Lau who leads the shul is thrilled to have Rabbanit Feintuch’s help.

What’s Behind the Boom in Orthodox Women Singers?
Perl Wolfe, Miriam Sandler and Shaindel Antelis are just a few of the familiar names profiled here in this exploration of what draws these women to music and keeps the all-women crowds coming.

Steven Hill, Trailblazing TV Star, Dies at 94
Emmy-nominated Law & Order stalwart Steven Hill was known for his refusal to work late on Fridays, as well as his incredible talent.

Forgiveness, Acceptance, 25 Years After Crown Heights Riots
Twenty-five years ago, riots erupted in Crown Heights after Jewish driver accidentally hit and killed Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old African American child. Rabbi Yankel Rosenbaum was stabbed by black teens in retaliation. Today, the Cato and Rosenbaum Families continue to meet and set an example of forgiveness and acceptance.

35 Innovators Under 35
In this year’s MIT Technology Review, Ari Roisman makes the top 7. As the CEO of Glide which makes video messaging effortless, he is changing the face of communication.

How Saint Louis Got its Kosher Custard
In an unlikely story of kiddush Hashem, a frum cardiologist made such an impression that a local custard shop owner couldn’t help but want to repay the favor.

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