Manischewitz Wine Gains a Following Among Non-Jews & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

FYI Cable Network’s New Season Of ‘Arranged’ Features An Orthodox Couple’s Wedding Journey – The TV show, “Arranged,” features three American couples as they prepare for their arranged marriages and shadows the newlyweds for a short time after the wedding. This season one of the three featured arrangements is Modern Orthodox couple Vicki and Ben

I Accidentally Hired An Orthodox Rabbi For My Father’s Funeral — And He Was Great – A fascinating piece in The Washington Post about how “Rabbi Eli” ended up conducting a funeral service for a man he didn’t know, who had (supposedly) asked for him by name

Some Non-Jews Think Manischewitz Wine Tastes Good, Befuddling Jews – An entertaining and well-researched piece by the Wall Street Journal about the kosher wine, Manischewitz, and its growing popularity within the Asian community

A Safer World – Chani Neuberger, the Chief Risk Officer of the NSA is an Orthodox Jewish All Star (2013) and a member of our board – read about her incredible story and how she is “tackling one of the most urgent challenges in US government today: ensuring national security while respecting civil liberties and privacy.”

Kosher And Part Japanese, Katsuji Tanabe Wants To Be The Top Mexican Chef In The World – Tanabe, the Mexican-Japanese chef who owns a kosher restaurant in Los Angeles, Mexikosher, is planning on bringing his delicious flavors to NYC


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