Two Hasidic Jews Prevent Suicide & Other Jews in the News


Right around when Mark Zuckerberg was founding Facebook, he went to a Purim party at the Harvard Chabad house and danced the night away with Orthodox Jews!

Two Orthodox Jews Prevent Bridge Suicide – Two Hassidic Jews from Brooklyn are being credited with saving a 52-year-old  woman from taking her life on the Brooklyn Bridge this past Monday morning

Unprecedented: Father Jailed For Son Refusing To Divorce Wife – “Tel Aviv rabbinical court finds father encouraged son to leave disabled wife without religious divorce (a get), sentences him to 30 days in jail”

Auschwitz Survivor Is World’s Oldest Man – It’s official! Yisrael Kristal of Haifa, 112 years old, was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records following the reigning record-holder’s decease

These May Be America’s Proudest Shabbos Goys – The Patels, a family of Hindu immigrants now living in Kew Gardens Hills, own a liquor shop on Main Street and have been serving as Shabbos goys for two decades – but only just put up the sign advertising this fact in the last year

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