The Belzer Rebbe Has Created A Program To Support Ex-Hasidic Jews

Important change is happening in the Belzer Hasidic community. Unfortunately, when someone decides not to remain religious anymore, they can be cut off from their family and the community they grew up in, which often, is all they know. This doesn’t always happen, but it exists, and it is now being both publicly addressed and […]

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How Makom Saved My Life…Literally

I had always been way too mature and intelligent for my age. I was the kind of kid who would stump the teachers with the difficult questions, the one who effortlessly mastered all subjects and always had her nose in a book. For as long as I can remember I always felt out of place […]

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How Makom Is Helping Ex-Hasidic Members Who Were Suicidal

In the last several weeks, there have been three suicides in Israel in the ex-Hasidic community. While I don’t know the particulars around these tragedies, I unfortunately, have learned a few things about suicidal ex-Hasidim in the last few years, due to our work with the members of Makom. I am proud to say that […]

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