Israeli TV Show “Shtisel” Provides a New Look into the Ultra-Orthodox World & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Fundamentally Freund: The Stirring Revival of Sicily’s Bnei Anousim – “More than five centuries after the forced conversion to Catholicism of large numbers of Sicilian Jews, followed by the expulsion of the rest, a nascent rebirth is well underway, as growing numbers of Sicily’s Bnei Anousim (“Marranos”) now seek to embrace the heritage of their ancestors.”

Three Columbia University Students Killed in Honduras Bus Crash – Three Columbia University students were killed in a car crash in Honduras, on a trip to help the poor, including a young Orthodox woman named Daniella Moffson.

10 of the Best Pizza Slices In Brooklyn (Not From Di Fara) – The kosher pizzeria – Pizza Time – makes the list at number 6 on this Brooklyn Magazine list of best slices in Brooklyn

Maccabeats Honor MLK in New Video Collaboration – Jewish a cappella group (and original Orthodox Jewish All Stars) the Maccabeats collaborate with Naturally 7 on a new video, their first in honor of a non-Jewish holiday – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

TV Show ‘Shtisel’ Subtly Changes Ultra-Orthodox Perceptions – Shtisel, “the engaging and award-winning YES television show about the intertwined lives of a Charedi family in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood”, is gaining acceptance amoungst the Charedi community themselves – with a nigun that was written for the show, turning up at Charedi weddings

Jews in Marseille Urged Not to Wear Skullcaps – “The top Jewish leader in Marseille on Tuesday urged Jews in the southern French port city to refrain from wearing skullcaps “until better days” after a teacher was hurt in a machete attack by a Kurdish teenager.”

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