Hasidic Song “Bas Kol” Goes Viral & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

A Brooklyn Bakery Appeals to Observant Jews and Pizza Fans – The New York Times writes about Isaac’s Bake Shop, a kosher, Orthodox owned bakery which has a surprisingly large non-kosher fan base.

How ‘Bas Kol’ Became a Viral Hasidic Hit – A Yiddish song, sung at a Chasidic wedding becomes an internet sensation!

10 Stylish, Orthodox Women Talk Balancing Modesty & Fashion – 10 Orthodox women talk about their own personal tzniut style and fashion sense for Yahoo Style and show “how choosing to don modest clothing can be empowering rather than repressive”

Meet Malka Markovic, 92, a Holocaust Survivor and Long-Time Mikveh Lady in Pittsburgh – An interview with 92 year old Malka, including her experiences over 28 years of working as a ‘mikveh lady

Modesty Moves into the Mainstream – a New York Times piece about the ‘religious-but-worldly sensibility’ of fashion label MIMU Maxi, started by Chabad Chasidic sister-in-laws Mimi and Mushky out of Crown Heights – MIMU was also mentioned in this Vogue article and Popsugar too!

What This Symbol that’s on Nearly Half of your Food Actually Means – a brief, 2 minute video into the basics of hechsherim (kosher food symbols) by Business Insider

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