Orthodox Woman Faces Discrimination at her All-Women’s Gym & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Why Secular-to-Orthodox Memoirs Matter – Julie Sugar, a baalat teshuva and writer, details some ideas about the prevalence and popularity of OTD memoirs like Unorthodox and why memoirs about becoming Orthodox are much more rare

Orthodox Woman Says Gym Threatened to Arrest Her for Working Out in a Skirt – Yosefa Jalal’s gym membership was revoked when she refused to take off her skirt in a kickboxing class at Lucille Roberts (a women’s-only) health-club – she is filing a federal law suit for religious discrimination

Entrepreneur Turns eBay Sales into $2-Million Business – Marty Babayov, a 23 year old Orthodox Jew, makes 2 million dollars a year with his online menswear enterprise


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