This Hasidic Jew Consults For Google & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Students of Baltimore’s Bnos Yisroel Help Defy Stereotypes – A group of 20 “ultra-Orthodox” teen girls spent the summer interning at the world’s premier institution of health research. They quite literally wore their faith on their sleeves, and left quite an impression

Refugee Crisis: ‘Love the Stranger Because You Were Once Strangers’ Calls Us Now – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (who was Britain’s Chief Rabbi from 1991-2013) discusses the European refugee crisis, its similarities to the aftermath of WWII, and what the European Union and the United Nations can (and should) do about it

American Yeshiva Students Hurt in Hebron Firebombing – After getting lost in Chevron and being attacked by Palestinians, the tourists were saved by a Palestinian local who hid them in his home

Meet Philly’s Very Own Jewish Fashion Blogger, ‘The Modest Mom’ – Emunah Wircberg, a Hasidic fashion blogger better known as ‘The Modest Mom’ is profiled on what it is like to dress beautifully and modestly at the same time

For Hasidic Jew who Consults for Google, No College Degree Required – A day in the life of Issamar Ginzberg, one of our 2013 All Stars and a consultant for google who devotes his life to balancing Torah, family, and business (a really successful business!)

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