Orthodox 11-Year Old, Estee Ackerman, Beats #8 Table Tennis Player in the World at His Own Game & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


The Time an 11-Year-Old Took Down Nadal – One of our 2014 All Stars, Estee Ackerman, is highlighted in this NY Times article about how she beat Rafael Nadal – the professional tennis player ranked #8 in the world – at table tennis

Jacob Bekenstein, Physicist Who Revolutionized Theory of Black Holes, Dies at 68 – The life of an Orthodox Jewish physicist who revolutionized our understanding of black holes and even won over a skeptical Stephen Hawking with his theory

I’m Glad No One Tweeted My #PlaneBreakup Experience – Orthodox Jewish writer Bethany Mandel discusses how frightening it is to realize that private moments that occur in the public domain can be broadcast to the internet

Jimmy Kimmel Live: How Long…? – A social experiment on Jimmy Kimmel Live to see how long it takes strangers to help a man in a costume who has fallen – what a kiddush Hashem to see the Orthodox boys who come to his aid

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