How Jew in the City’s Family Also Became Orthodox

Allison Josephs’ (aka Jew in the City’s) family – especially her father – freaked out when she started to become more observant in her teens. At a recent Torah dedication, her father explains what motivated him and her mom (at almost 50 years old) to join her. (Both of her sisters became Orthodox too.)


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  • Yaleh (@YalehVeyavo) says on May 21, 2015

    Thanks i watched it and was inspired.
    I wish u and your family Siyata Dishamya further,
    and a Freilichen Yomtov.

  • Beth Jacobs says on December 26, 2017

    I can’t watch the video (filter…) but what an incredible zechus!! Sincere Jews don’t have to say anything – by just modeling Judaism that’s healthy and real, they can influence people to change for the better. Chazak v’ematz


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