Exclusive On Joe Lieberman: The Story of His Religious Journey

Last year I had the surreal experience of schlepping tons of video equipment through the bowels of Congress with our film crew to sit down for an exclusive video interview with Senator Joe Lieberman. He made me laugh and left me inspired.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, former Vice Presidential Candidate for Al Gore, shares the story of his personal religious journey, including how he stopped keeping Shabbat in college and why he returned to it years later. The Senator became famous for how he continued to faithfully observe the Sabbath during his years in politics, sometimes walking for four miles through Washington DC when he was needed for a vote on Friday night or Saturday or an issue of national security (driving is forbidden on Shabbat). He published a book a few years ago called “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath”.

Watch the video and be inspired by his story. You’ll be fascinated by his insightful comments on being religious while succeeding in your career; on gender roles and women in careers, and more!

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  • Avatar photo Chana Parnes says on February 17, 2014

    I know this sounds superficial- but I like your dress! Nice color.


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