Confessions From a BlackBerry Addict

I just realized that I’m sort of like a well-trained dog when it comes to my BlackBerry. I have my e-mail notification set on a special ba-ring sound. And I just realized that when my BlackBerry goes ba-ring from across the room – even from across my apartment sometimes – my ears perk up and I helplessly run to the sound.

Sometimes the e-mail is very worth running to – getting to hear from an old friend, hearing from one of you guys. But sometimes it’s from some Nigerian prince offering me ten million dollars if I just give him access to my bank account.

I should probably work on my CrackBerry habit, but the truth is I know that I’m actually in control. That’s because one day a week, I don’t hear my BlackBerry, I don’t see my BlackBerry and I don’t even think about my BlackBerry. I wasn’t raised shomer Shabbos (observing the Jewish Sabbath), and as a kid, when I used to think about those Orthodox Jews who had to “give up” so much to keep Shabbos I would feel so sorry for them – that they weren’t in control of their own lives. But now that I’m all grown up and I think about all the other CrackBerry addicts (and e-mail addicts, Facebook addicts, cell phone addicts…) out there who wouldn’t be able to unplug once a week for twenty-five hours, I wonder who’s actually in control.

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  • Avatar photo MBJ says on December 11, 2007

    Ahhh…the beauty of Shabbos.

  • Avatar photo Ariel Sokolovsky says on December 12, 2007

    I get so much SPAM emails from “Nigerian princes” and the like that I eventualy decided to turn off BlackBerry email audio notification and just check it from time to time when I feel like it.
    So far I haven’t missed any emergencies that I can remember probably because people who need some urgent help call on the phone.
    PS. You produce great videos. What do you need to make of them on regular basis?

  • Avatar photo Sara says on July 17, 2012

    Ha ha ha CrackBerry!


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