This Chicago Rabbi Is Bringing Civil Speech to the Thanksgiving Table

Rabbi Zev Kahn of Jewish Education Team in Chicago is making your Thanksgiving table less divisive, thanks to his program Clean Speech Illinois. This program is designed to teach mindful speech, fostering ways of interacting with loved ones and strangers alike which are less harmful and more productive. It starts with learning to be a […]

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Eat Some Turkey—It’s A Mitzvah!

When you dig into your Thanksgiving turkey this year, remember that it’s not only an American tradition, and an opportunity to express gratitude for our great country, but a mitzvah. Surprised? Let me explain.  The Torah, in Leviticus Chapter 7, discusses a “korban todah”—a “thanksgiving sacrifice.” The commentator Rashi explains that a person brought such […]

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An Unexpected Lesson in A Can of Cranberries

Several years ago during a holiday visit to my in-laws, I was in desperate need of can-openage, and my nephew, who was six at the time, was kind enough to show me where the household can opener resided. Although I’d been successfully opening cans for close to twenty years at the point, something about this […]

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