Why I’m Doing Dry Seders This Year

The Manischewitz at my family’s Passover table left a bad taste in my mouth. By the time I was a teenager, I knew I didn’t want it, the jarred gelatinous fish lumps, the giant crackers or any other part of Judaism in my life anymore. Insert decade of drinking and drugs here. I searched, I […]

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Can You Be Buried In A Jewish Cemetery With Tattoos?

Dear Jew in the City, Ex-Knicks player Chris Smith converted [to Orthodox Judaism] and the NY Post said he can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery with his tattoos – is that true? Thanks, Alexander   Dear Alexander- Is which part true? That a former basketball player converted? I hadn’t heard. That the Post made […]

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Why Do We Need Selichos Anyway?

Dear Jew in the City- What’s the history of Selichos? Why did it come about? Best, Mark Dear Mark- Thanks for your question. As far as the liturgy goes, Selichos are fairly contemporary. By that I mean that they are measured in mere centuries, rather than millennia. Some of the prayers we recite, like Shema, […]

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What Should I Be Doing in Elul?

Dear Jew in the City, The month of Elul is a beautiful concept, but can be hard to relate to. What do I do actionably in Elul? What should we be trying to accomplish pre-teshuva? Best, Matt Dear Matt- Thanks for your question. First, let’s examine what Elul is. You might not realize how much […]

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