The Silver Platter: Yummy Soups To Stay Warm In Your Sukkah!

These soups are great options for this time of year. They are hearty and healthy for the holidays and help keep you warm and comfy on cold Sukkos nights. Happy holidays everyone! xo, Daniella For these recipes and much more, check out Daniella and Norene Gilletz’s bestselling cookbook, The Silver Platter: Simple Elegance. With old […]

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Fire Juggling Rabbis Of Simchas Beis HaShoeva & Other Fun Facts

The Mishna in Sukkah relates that “He who has not seen the rejoicing at the Place of the Water-Drawing has never seen rejoicing in his life.” The Siloam Spring in Jerusalem, pictured above, was the source of water for the Simchas Beis HaShoeva, or Rejoicing in the House of Water Drawing, a ceremony which took […]

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Is Technology Decreasing Our Happiness?

A few months ago I boarded a plane to Australia, psyched for my speaking tour, but dreading the fourteen hour ride that awaited me. I had planned to finish writing my book on the flight, but the minute I sat down, it became apparent that all I was going to do was procrastinate. Fortunately (or […]

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