What’s The Jewish Perspective On Pleasure?

Dear Jew in the City, What is the status of physical pleasure in Judaism? Is it good or evil? How can I tell what is too much and what is too little? Sincerely, Rob Dear Rob, Thanks for your question. Now I’m going to ask you one: do you know what musar is? Musar is […]

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Do Orthodox Jews Perform Virgin Purity Tests?

Dear Jew in the City- I read in The Atlantic that a bunch of religions, including Orthodox Jews, require a purity test, i.e., to check if the bride is a virgin. That is horrifying. Do Orthodox Jews really do this? Thanks, Rebecca Dear Rebecca, Thanks for your question. I hadn’t read that, so I Googled […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jews Tend to Marry at a Younger Age?

Hi JITC- Why do Orthodox Jews tend to marry at a younger age? Thank you, Alec Dear Alec- We’re going to be able to keep this one short and sweet because it’s pretty straightforward for a change. The reason Orthodox Jews tend to marry at a younger age is because they’re normal. Jewish law doesn’t […]

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