Why is Davening So Repetitive?

Dear JITC- One thing I struggle with is davening. Why do we normally only daven for Jewish people? I like variety and new things, why do we have to say the same words over and over again? Also, in the past, I really davened for important things that then didn’t come about, where does that […]

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A Pittsburgh Rebbetzin Reflects On Tree of Life Tragedy

This Shabbos morning began like any other. My husband gave the littlest kids their breakfast so that I could get a few extra minutes of sleep. After he left for shul, I got myself and the kids dressed, and we headed next door to our shul, PZ. The only excitement was that my oldest son […]

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Is Hashem Really Listening To My Prayers?

Hello Jew in the City- I relate to praying as something that I must do three times a day. While, whenever I think about it, I conclude that Hashem IS in control (at least to a large degree), but I do not truly believe that Hashem listens to my praying. As such, saying tehilim or otherwise davening for something […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jewish Men Wear Hats?

Dear JITC- Why do Jewish men wear hats? All the best, Carla Dear Carla- Thanks for your question. It has been asked before: A man asked his rabbi, “Why do Jewish men wear hats?” The rabbi replied, “Because our forefather Abraham wore them.” “How do you know that?” the man inquired. “The Torah says, ‘And […]

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