Hasidic Jews Become Top Plasma Donors & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Couple Arrested After Attacking Hasidic Men in Social-Distancing Spat An anti-Semitic Queens couple apparently enraged by a lack of social distancing attacked a group of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, bizarrely even pulling the masks off some of the victims’ faces, police said. A married couple were arrested on a charge of aggravated harassment as a […]

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#MyMiracle: How My Daughter’s Premature Birth Saved Her Life

My fourth child was born 6 weeks early, but otherwise healthy. Or so we thought. In the moments after delivery, the OBGYN and neonatologist exclaimed over the baby’s umbilical cord. Part of it was a normal tube, but part of it looked like a thick, flat pancake. “Is that a problem?” I asked. “Doesn’t seem […]

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AJ Edelman, the first and only Orthodox Jewish man to compete in the Olympics

How Leading Yom Kippur Prayers Helped Me Get to the Olympics

As Israel’s Olympic skeleton athlete and current head of development for the Israeli bobsled and skeleton team, I often explain that Skeleton is perhaps the most dangerous of Olympic sports. If you have lived a life without any fear and want to go experience a taste, you need only go from the top of a […]

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Supermodel Praises Chabad Rebbe & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Karlie Kloss: “Only Now Do I Have The Confidence To Stand Tall & Know The Power Of My Voice” Shabbat, the day of rest that requires completely disconnecting from the digital world from sunset each Friday until nightfall on Saturday, has been a ritual Kloss has specifically embraced. “I think we all have a tendency […]

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What’s the Real Difference Between Prayers and Wishes?

Hi Jew in the City- With the Aladdin remake in theaters, it made me wonder what’s the real difference between prayers and wishes? I know that Hashem is no genie to do our bidding, but sometimes I wonder about the limits of what we’re supposed to pray for. What do Jewish sources say? Sincerely, Jessica […]

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