Orthodox Jews: Here’s How to Stop Making a Chillul Hashem

Baruch C. Cohen, a Los Angeles civil litigation attorney, has taken a special interest in creating awareness in the community about the dangers of chillul Hashem, which literally means a “desecration of God’s name” and is used when a Jew does something that bring shames to Judaism. “I appear in court, state and federal, and […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jews Have So Many Kids?

Few decisions in life can compare to that of having another child. In this regard, it is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages childbirth and observant Jews seem to follow suit. The fascinating thing is that when examining the bare biblical law, a Jewish couple is able to fulfill the obligation to procreate by having […]

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Why The Child Victims Act Is A Win For Orthodox Jews

This week, history was made when lawmakers in Albany finally agreed to loosen New York state’s statute of limitations for molestation survivors, known as the Child Victim Act. This breakthrough came about after a long and arduous battle by child sex abuse survivors and their advocates, going up against a state with one of the […]

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Why I Stopped Hating Orthodox Jews and Judaism

Since 2007, Jew in the City has been reversing negative associations about religious Jews by highlighting an approach based on kindness, tolerance, sincerity, and critical thinking and making engaging and meaningful Orthodox Judaism known and accessible. At first, we thought we only needed to disseminate this information to non-Orthodox Jews. Several years ago, we sadly […]

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