What Are The Rules of Being an Orthodox Jew?

Dear Rabbi JITC, “What are the rules of being an Orthodox Jew?” -Nathaniel Dear Nathaniel, Now that’s an interesting question. First, I want to give a caveat that halacha (Jewish law) isn’t intended just for “Orthodox Jews”; it’s intended for Jews, full stop. All throughout the Biblical era, the Talmudic era, etc., Jews were just […]

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How Do Orthodox Jews Make Money?

How do Orthodox Jews make money is currently the number one trending topic on Google now when you search for “Orthodox Jews.” I fear that this topic is trending because people may think that Orthodox Jews make money in some dishonest way due to some recent media depicting them this way. Orthodox Jews, like all […]

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The Only Thing We Can Do to Combat Antisemitism’s Rise

Breathe in…and breathe out. If you’re anything like me, reports of rising antisemitism have you speed-dialing your therapist and questioning everything you know about the world. As Editor-in-Chief of Jew in the City, it’s literally my job to stay up to date on the latest antisemitic events. We haven’t been able to go a day […]

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Why Are Some Orthodox Communities So Insular?

Dear Jew in the City, Some Orthodox communities live very separately from the rest of the world. Is this based on any laws? Thanks, Abbey Dear Abbey, Thanks for your question. I like the way you asked if doing so is “based on any laws.” To that I would say yes – it’s “based on” […]

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Ethiopian Jewish Woman, Mazi Pilip’s, Journey To Israel

Mazi Pilip is a county legislator in Nassau County. She and Allison connected at an End Jew Hatred event. Ethiopian-born, Mazi was a participant in Operation Solomon (1991) as a child, which airlifted 14,000 Ethiopian Jews in jumbo jets to Israel. She moved to the United States in adulthood. Ethiopian Jews have a rich history […]

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