New Program Shepherds Orthodox Jewish Women into Tech Careers

A new coding program geared towards Orthodox Jewish women in the New York area is already attracting the community to jobs in software development and technology. A partnership with Code Kevudah and Met Council teaches skills to become tech experts and help to support their families. The technology training is given over in a culturally-sensitive […]

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This TikTok Executive Says Hasidic Learning Changed Her Life

Michal Oshman, a TikTok executive from Israel who now lives in London, just wrote a book which shows the ways in which Judaism allowed her to find her true purpose. As TikTok Europe’s head of company culture, diversity and inclusion, she brings expertise from team development at Facebook and three degrees to the role. Using […]

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Hasidic Jews Helped Build Duolingo’s New Yiddish Course

When a scion from a famous family of Yiddish scholars came on board to help Duolingo with its first Yiddish course, she realized that the academic version with which she grew up was not the same language used by 500,000 speakers worldwide today. That led to a collaboration with Hasidic Jews, who partnered with her […]

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