What Will Happen When Moshiach Comes?

Dear Jew in the City, A few weeks ago, you discussed when Moshiach will come. What will happen when he gets here? Sincerely, Incredulous   Dear Incredulous- Ah, a follow-up question! I love a good sequel as much as the next guy but with rare exception, they’re usually not as satisfying as the original. Here, […]

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When is Moshiach Coming?

Dear Jew in the City- When is Moshiach coming? Sincerely, Y. E.   Dear Y.E. Ah, nothing like the easy ones! Happily, I don’t have to answer this question on my own because the Talmud discusses it in great detail. The subject is examined in tractate Sanhedrin on pages 97a-99a, with occasional tangents for related […]

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Does Judaism Believe That AI Could Take Over The World?

Dear Jew in the City- Elon Musk just warned the world that we had better get A.I. under control before robots take over the world. Are there any Jewish sources which might help us understand this better? Is this a fear according to Jewish wisdom? – Robotic Neurotic   Dear Rob- Thanks for your question. […]

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11 Tisha B’Av Calamities

The culmination of the Three Weeks, an annual time of mourning the destruction of The Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple) is Tisha b’Av. It is the saddest day of the Jewish year and the most calamitous in our history. So great was our pain on this day as a nation, that each year we commemorate it […]

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Will Zombies Be Walking The Earth When Moshiach Comes?

Dear Jew in the City, I have a question regarding the belief in the coming of moshiach (the Jewish messiah). That is the simple version. The longer is: I was not born a Jew, but I believe with all my heart that I have a Jewish soul and I am supposed to be Jewish. Because of […]

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What If Moshiach (the Messiah) Stood Us Up?

Dear Jew in the City- I have read your blog many times and usually I enjoy it. I am very disturbed by one post in particular: Dirty, Money Grabbing Parasitic Vermin: Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Well. I am more disturbed by the passage from Deuteronomy than by the baseball-loving Jew hater. As a Jew from Ukraine, […]

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