What Does Judaism Say About Wearing Fur?

Hi JITC- Fur is being banned in NYC. This obviously affects all the Hasidic Jews. What’s the Torah opinion on fur? Thanks, Dana Dear Dana- Thanks for your question. Let me clarify the matter for those not in the know. The sale of fur is being considered for a ban in New York City; wearing […]

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How Does Jewish Law Handle “He Said/She Said?”

Dear Jew in the City- In the wake of the #metoo movement, it got me thinking, how would Jewish Law handle a “he said/she said” situation? How much evidence is enough to implicate someone according to the Torah in a case with no witnesses? Sincerely, A Concerned Woman Dear Concerned- I was sent this question […]

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When Should You Consult a Rabbi About a Question?

  Dear Jew in the City- When should a rabbi be consulted? It seems that in some communities rabbis are asked about every mundane detail of life, things that aren’t even related to Jewish law. Other times, people talk about consulting rabbis on a halachic matters when really it’s just a matter of opinion. So […]

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Why Do Rabbis Just “Make Stuff Up?”

Dear Jew in the City, Can you explain how the basic Biblical commandments re: such subjects as the kosher laws have been vastly elaborated and expanded on by post-Biblical rabbis? For example, the kosher laws as spelled out in the Bible (in which God simply says “don’t eat this”) have morphed into a mammothly elaborate set […]

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