Jews Are Not “White” And We’re Not “Just a Religion”

Last week, a Sephardic member of our shul (synagogue) asked me which Middle Eastern country my family comes from. “None,” I explained, “We’re Ashkanazi.” “Really?” he exclaimed, “I was certain you were Sephardic.” After this encounter, I got to thinking: despite being completely Ashkanazi, with both sides of my family hailing from Ukraine, Russia and […]

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This Orthodox Jew Is Auctioning Off Marilyn Monroe’s Siddur

Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but perhaps she should have added “and siddurim are a Jewish girl’s faithful companion.” Earlier this month, the media exploded (to the tune of 30,000 plus articles!) when news that Monroe’s personal siddur was being auctioned off, but very few people knew the auctioneer is […]

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How Do I Explain That I Can’t Date Non-Jews?

Dear Jew in the City- A non-Jewish neighbor asked me out on a date. I said “no,” thinking that that would be it, but it wasn’t. When I saw that he was not giving up, I realized that I had to have a conversation explaining that because I am Jewish, specifically Orthodox, I only date within […]

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Why (Should I Care If You) Marry Jewish?

A few months ago while on Facebook, I started looking at an old high school friend’s pictures. As is often the case on Facebook, pictures of someone I didn’t  know any more led me to pictures of someone I didn’t know at all.  (Obviously, I kept clicking!) And then I saw a picture of two […]

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