Modest Fall Fashion Outlook for Yom Tov and Beyond

Summer is somewhat a distant dream and nature is taking its course. The Autumn season has begun, the leaves are changing colour and our wardrobes are going through a revamp. As the grey rainy clouds embrace us and the cold chill of winter hovers in the air, we are all fighting that urge to switch […]

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The Day I Resolved To Stop Criticizing My Husband

Last month my husband and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. It made me wonder if I had any wisdom to impart – any lessons based on Jewish philosophy I had discovered over the years which help us keep our marriage strong and recover from challenging times when they arise. Was there something to say about giving? […]

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Fresh Start: Back To School & The Jewish New Year-

I’m pretty sure that there’s a place in hell where the really bad people are trapped in a shoe store with hordes of short people who whine “Mommy” at them – forever.  There is a certain dread that fills my being at the end of every summer as we begin our back to school shopping. The […]

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