Orthodox Jewish Family Beaten in Argentinian Anti-Semitic Car Attack

An Orthodox Jewish family’s trip to the Argentinian mountains was ruined when they were verbally and physically assaulted, and it escalated into death threats and physical attacks on their children. While driving to La Cumbre for a summer (now in the Southern Hemisphere) holiday, the driver, his wife, their four sons ages 11-17, a 1.5 […]

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This Chanukah Had An Antisemitic Attack For Each Day Of The Holiday

As we publicized the miracle of Chanukah this week, there was, unfortunately, an antisemitic attack to number each day of the holiday. As our enemies rise up to destroy us, may we find renewed commitment to our heritage and pride. Lexington, Kentucky authorities are investigating an attack at a menorah-lighting. A driver assaulted a man […]

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