How My Bike Accident Helped Me Appreciate the Mitzvah of Mezuzah

July 8th was a brisk, sunny day in the wilderness near Vancouver, Canada. Our family celebrated my wife’s birthday with a mountain bike adventure through the gorgeous Stanley Park. As we careened down the bike paths, I captured the highlights with my Canon camera. Regretfully, I attempted the “stupid dad trick” of shooting video while […]

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Why “The Good Place” Series Finale Was Too Depressing

This entire article is a spoiler alert. If you haven’t watched this show and plan to, stop reading now! As a person who was pretty obsessed with my mortality for most of my childhood, NBC’s “The Good Place,” which just ended, was a fascinating and enjoyable show. As far as I know, there has never […]

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How Rivka’s Righteousness Comes From Her Questionable Past

What does it mean to leave everything behind? To reject the ideas a person grew up with, and commit instead to new ideals? Is it possible to maintain anything of the past when embarking on a new life? When we first meet Rivka, she seems basically perfect. Avraham has tasked his servant with finding the […]

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Did Yitzchak Love One of His Children More Than The Other?

The story of Yaakov’s surreptitious acquisition of the blessings his father intended for Esav is well known. This episode, coupled with the Torah’s declaration of Yitzchak’s love for Esav, leads many readers to misinterpret Yitzchak’s feelings for each of his sons. While some assume that Yitzchak loved Esav more than he loved Yaakov, the text […]

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