What Does Judaism Say About Wearing Fur?

Hi JITC- Fur is being banned in NYC. This obviously affects all the Hasidic Jews. What’s the Torah opinion on fur? Thanks, Dana Dear Dana- Thanks for your question. Let me clarify the matter for those not in the know. The sale of fur is being considered for a ban in New York City; wearing […]

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How Can The Torah Command Us Not To Be Jealous?

Dear JITC- How can the Torah command me to not be jealous of our neighbor? How am I supposed to control my feelings? Thanks, R.Z. Dear R.Z.- Thanks for your question. I assume that you’re referring to Exodus 20:14, the last of the “Ten Commandments,” which is the prohibition against coveting, though, really, you could […]

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What’s the Real Difference Between Prayers and Wishes?

Hi Jew in the City- With the Aladdin remake in theaters, it made me wonder what’s the real difference between prayers and wishes? I know that Hashem is no genie to do our bidding, but sometimes I wonder about the limits of what we’re supposed to pray for. What do Jewish sources say? Sincerely, Jessica […]

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How Do Hasidic Jews Curl Their Sidelocks?

Hi JITC- I am new to your website, so perhaps this question has been answered previously. I have been enjoying watching Shtisel on Netflix, and was curious how the men actually curl their sidelocks into those perfect ringlets. Also, when a married couple’s bedroom is shown on the show, they have separate beds. Is this […]

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Is There a Jewish Equivalent to Chi?

Dear Jew in the City- On a recent trip to China I saw Shaolin Monks do all sorts of incredible feats – breaking wood and stone on their bodies and lying on swords. I was told that they do this with chi. Is there a Jewish idea of this? Did the Hasidic masters or other […]

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What Did Rabbi Akiva’s Students Do Wrong?

Dear JITC- What did Rabbi Akiva’s students do wrong? Whatever they did, isn’t killing 24,000 of them a bit much? Thanks, Daria Dear Daria- Thanks for your question. Allow me to flesh it out a bit for the benefit of those who may not have the necessary frame of reference. The sefirah period, which lasts […]

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