Does God Still Talk to People?

In November 1995, I was a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University. Secular-raised, jeans-wearing, I was trying to sort out my relationship with G-d. Though I was not “shomer shabbat” at the time, I took long walks on campus on Saturday afternoons, seeking my own personal connection with the divine. I hadn’t resolved what kind of […]

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What is the Torah View of Marijuana Use?

Hi JITC- What is the Torah view of Marijuana use? Is there a difference between medical and recreational use? Thanks, T.K. Dear T.K.- This past summer, my wife and I vacationed in Utah. One of the tourist destinations recommended online was the Brigham Young University Museum of Paleontology (which is really fun to say). My […]

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What Can I Do When I Just Don’t Feel Jewishly Inspired?

Dear Jew in the City- I just don’t feel Jewishly inspired. What can I do? Thank you, Jackson Dear Jackson- Thanks for your question, though I don’t think it necessarily plays to my strengths. There are people who have more spiritual inclinations towards religion and people who have more rationalist inclinations towards religion. (These are […]

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Is Judaism a Religion, a Race or a Cultural Identity?

Dear JITC- I’m confused as to whether being Jewish is a religion, a race, a cultural identity or all three. If it’s not a race, then how come Jewishness is inherited? All the best, Miranda Dear Miranda- Thanks for your question. This is a tricky topic so let’s define what things are. A race is […]

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