How Do We Know There’s A World To Come?

Hi JITC- I grew up religious but haven’t kept Shabbos in ten years. How do I know that there is a World to Come if no one has ever returned? Keeping Shabbos does not make me feel better or more holy, why is it important for me to keep it? Thanks, N.T. Dear N.T.- Thanks […]

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What Does Judaism Say About Gun Rights?

Hi JITC- What does Judaism say about gun rights? Thanks, Emma Dear Emma- Thanks for your timely question. Before we get into it, I’d like to preface by saying that, whatever we determine the Torah’s position to be, it does not necessarily mandate a political position for us. For example, the Torah permits slavery and […]

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Should God Get Credit When We Do Something Good?

Dear Jew in the City- I am hesitant to say anything in opposition to a beautiful, courageous act and cause any sort of divisiveness at a time when Jews must come together but I do have a theological question. When the man who stopped the Monsey attacker from doing more harm got a medal for […]

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