Should I Say a Blessing on the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Dear JITC- I never said a blessing on another vaccine. Why are people saying one now? Thanks, Rochie Dear Rochie- Thanks for your question. Before we discuss the possibility of reciting a bracha upon receiving the vaccination for COVID-19, I’d like to address some principles of brachos generally. The fact that we recite brachos is […]

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Leading Haredi Rabbis Endorse the Covid-19 Vaccines

While the Orthodox Union and some Modern Orthodox rabbis announced their support of taking the Covid-19 vaccine when the shot first became available last week, there have been misunderstandings about its endorsement in the Haredi community. However, the news now shows that in line with the mitzvah to guard one’s life, many prominent and respected […]

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What is the Torah Perspective on Wearing a Mask and Social Distancing?

Dear JITC- What is the Torah perspective on wearing a mask and social distancing? Thanks, Cory Dear Cory- That you should do it. Sincerely, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz Educational Correspondent Follow Ask Rabbi Jack on YouTube Editor’s Note: While Rabbi Abramowitz asked that we publish his response immediately and verbatim, and we agree that it is […]

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Can Jewish Texts About Past Plagues Help Us Navigate Covid-19?

Dear Jew in the City- Is there anything in Jewish texts from past plagues that could help us navigate the coronavirus? Sincerely, Jamie Dear Jamie- The Torah tells us (Exodus 21:19) that if one person injures another, the offender is responsible to pay the doctor’s bill to heal him. The Talmud (Brachos 60) points out […]

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