These Orthodox Jewish Women Help New Mothers Get Back To Work

While many people mistakenly believe that Orthodox Jewish women aren’t allowed to work, Physician Assistant, Chaya Lighten, and board certified lactation consultant Marinina Hersh not only work – they work to help mothers get back to work. All over the world, women who have just given birth face numerous challenges returning to their jobs, particularly in […]

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The Orthodox Jewish Female Beekeeper

Hinda Kohn is a college student in Florida with an unusual hobby for an Orthodox Jewish woman. As a beekeeper, she has faced a battle to enjoy her hobby fully. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I had to convince my parents of it first.” While bees are usually tame and don’t bother people […]

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This Orthodox Woman Started An Organization to Create Sex Abuse Free Spaces

With the explosion of the #MeToo movement and the various allegations and court proceedings, sexual assault and abuse has skyrocketed to virtually all media headlines. Unfortunately, the Jewish community is no stranger to incidents of abuse. Rather than remain silent, Shira Berkovits has decided to make a difference, establishing Sacred Spaces, an organization dedicated to addressing abuses of power […]

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