“I Almost Went OTD, But Then I Joined Makom”

Makom makes observant Judaism a positive experience for Jews who grew up with negative Jewish experiences, by showing our members a range of frum communities and allowing them to ask questions in a loving, non-judgmental environment. Help us make Judaism beautiful for many more. It is our annual campaign right now, and we need your […]

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My Shabbos with Makom

The sun beats down on my head, warming my scalp. My hair feels hot to the touch. I sit in between traffic, the perfect vantage point to see cars, trucks, buses, taxis roaring by in both directions. The subway rumbles beneath my feet and the exhaust and heat rise to my nostrils. A warm breeze comes my way. […]

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The Anti-Semite Who Strengthened My Commitment To Judaism

I grew up in western Michigan, which was largely populated by Dutch immigrants who all seemed to have perfectly shiny, straight, white blonde hair. It was the total opposite of my frizzy, brown “Jewish” looking hair.  Our town had very few Jews living in it, so my family was always in the minority. This was […]

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I Disavowed God, But Now I’m Learning To Love Him

It was the lowest point in my life: I was in the middle of a messy divorce, on the brink of bankruptcy, and everyone was against me. I blamed God. In a fit of anger, I tore the mezuzot from my doorposts, took them to the barbecue outside, poured lighter fluid on them, and watched […]

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