The Miracle of Kindness at the End of My Father’s Life

When my father was in the final weeks of his life, languishing in Cornell hospital, I found myself reaching my breaking point. I was the only relative nearby that could come to the hospital on a regular basis. As a single parent, I was away from my kids for five Shabbosim in a row. It was […]

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This Orthodox Jew Turned Tragedy Into A Chance To Save Lives

What if you were genetically screened before you and your spouse got pregnant, but then gave birth to a child with a severe illness that could have been prevented? You might despair and lose hope, but if you were Randy Gold, an Orthodox Jew from Atlanta, you’d vow to make sure this never happened to […]

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The Orthodox Jewish “Schindler” You Never Heard Of

Dr. Julius Kuhl should be as famous as the protagonist of Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning Holocaust movie, but after saving up to two thousand lives (Oskar Schindler saved 1600), this modest hero was not looking for recognition. Post-World War II, Kuhl settled in Toronto with his family where he ran a construction company and lived in […]

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