Remembering The Orthodox Jew Who Developed Apollo 11’s Trajectories

Orthodox Jewish All Star Gerald (Jerry) Wittenstein passed away last week. He was the CEO of International Space Systems, Inc., a space engineering firm that performs research and development for NASA. Earlier in his career, while at NASA, he generated trajectories for space flights, including the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing mission led by Neal Armstrong. […]

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What Is Zionism?

Dear Jew in the City, What is Zionism? Did it just start as a political movement 100 years ago or is it based more deeply on Jewish thought? Sincerely, Jessica – Dear Jessica, Thanks for your question. Zionism is the belief that Jews, just like other peoples, have the right to self-determination, specifically in their […]

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Anxious About Antisemitism? Try This

I didn’t sleep through the night for a month after October 7th. I woke up at 4am, frustrated because I needed the rest, but something wouldn’t let me rest. Like many Jews, I learned about the massacre from a police officer who stands guard at a local synagogue. As chag (the holiday) carried on, people […]

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Iceland: One Of The Hottest New Kosher Vacation Spots!

Travel makes the world both bigger and smaller. As Orthodox Jews, we love the idea of exposing our children to new people and places, so they get a feel for life outside of their bubble, understand the expansiveness of the planet, how people live differently than they do, and get a sense of the shared […]

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