Vilna Gaon’s 17th Century Shul Destroyed by Nazis is Unearthed

The 17th Century-built Great Synagogue of Vilnius was unearthed by archaeologists in Lithuania, 80 years after it was destroyed by the Nazis and Soviets. Once the site of the Vilna Gaon’s davening, the site was used as a synagogue from as early as 1440, before the Great Synagogue was built in 1630. While the dig […]

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Rabbinical Court Shuts Down Jerusalem Yeshiva Suspected of Abuse

A Haredi rabbinical court has shut down the Be’er Yehuda yeshiva in Jerusalem after the two rabbinic brothers who are deans there have been indicted by the court on suspicions of sexual abuse. Yitzhak Tufik and Moshe Tufik were found to have committed ‘severe and obscene transgressions’ against students and parents are now forbidden to […]

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Is Secular Education Allowed In Orthodox Jewish Schools?

Dear Jew in the City- Is secular education permitted according to Jewish law? Do parents have any responsibility according to Judaism to give their children the knowledge to be able to make a living and get around in the world? Thank you, Rebecca Dear Rebecca- Thanks for your question. I think that I – and […]

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