The Chabad Rabbi Who Created A Magical Town For Special Needs Kids

Imagine a town that’s all welcoming, all engaging, and all fun while being an inclusive educational environment for special needs children. This was just a dream for Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, founder and CEO of LifeTown, nearly 10 years ago. Rabbi Grossbaum is a Chabad shaliach with his wife, Toba, in Livingston, NJ, where they have […]

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The Orthodox Jewish Female Theater Troupe Taking Israel By Storm

The WIT, Women in Theater troupe is an all-female, theatre company based in Israel which “provides a platform for women who are observant to be able to perform” as stated by the managing director, Ninoska Ravid. She further explains, “our goal is to be able to create quality pieces of quality productions.” Ravid joined in […]

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Aliza Hiller - The Orthodox Jewish Female Ice Hockey Player

The Orthodox Jewish Female Ice Hockey Player

Thanks to her humble beginnings on Barbie rollerblades, Orthodox Jewish Aliza Hiller is defying stereotypes as an ice hockey player in a competitive women’s league. As a kid, she actively played basketball, softball, and floor hockey, but competitive ice hockey was not an obvious passion, rather she says, “I grew to love it.” Hiller was […]

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