These Orthodox Jewish College Kids Are Spreading Kindness During A Pandemic

“It started as a spreadsheet, a very basic spreadsheet,” Elana Sichel, a recent graduate of University of Maryland says. She and Hadassah Raskas, a U Penn rising senior, are the co-founders of Corona Connects, an initiative that pairs volunteers with organizations needing the extra hands during this chaotic time of living through the Coronavirus pandemic. […]

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This Hasidic Rabbi Was An Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur Of The Year

While most Hasidic rabbis give Jewish advice as opposed to business advice and lecture in yeshivas and as opposed to Silicon Valley, Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg is not your average Hasidic rabbi. Born-and-bred in Brooklyn, Ginzberg went to Bobov schools, but does not identify exclusively with one sect, “I’m connected with many different rebbes” he explains. […]

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She Grew Up Chabad And Became A Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Makeup Artist

Aura Schwartz is not the typical Hollywood make-up artist. Growing up Lubavitch between the bright lights of L.A. and Chabad schools, Schwartz has always bridged both worlds. Since her parents were the active Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzin in town, she recalls, “We had everybody come through our house,” from professional producers to directors to musicians. […]

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