Jew in the City Sundance Panels

2024: Sects, Lies and Videotape: Debunking deadly tropes about Jews and Israel in TV, film and media

Jewish power and blood libels are millennia old tropes. Jews as “white Europeans” is a neo-Nazi canard that has shockingly been bolstered in Hollywood. This panel will explore the origin, danger, and use of these myths against Jews and Israel in TV and film and how we can dismantle them.

Featuring: Noa Tishby (actress, producer, Israeli activist), Allison Josephs (founder and executive director of Jew in the City Hollywood Bureau) and Malina Saval (Editor in Chief at Pasadena Magazine)


2023: #MeJew: Antisemitism, Authentic Representation and Jewish Identity in Hollywood


Why have Jews been left out of DEI conversations? Everyone believes Jews are vastly overrepresented in Hollywood — is that true? Why is their representation so often inauthentic, relying on caricatures at best and evil depictions at worst? How did Hollywood’s founders, escaping antisemitism, bake their complicated feelings of Judaism into so many storylines? How can we finally change the narrative so that rising Jew-hatred will be replaced with an explosion of Jewish pride?

Featuring: Allison Josephs (founder of Jew in the City Hollywood Bureau) and Malina Saval (features editor at Variety)


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