JITC Hollywood Bureau Letter To The Motion Picture Academy Goes Viral!

We have long been frustrated with Jews being left out of inclusion seminars, statements and calls for diversity. It has been painful to see the main depictions of Jews on screen related to the Holocaust, those leaving the Orthodox community, and stereotypical roles that rely on antisemitic tropes.

The Jewish people of Hollywood are now speaking out. JITC Hollywood Bureau released a letter to the Motion Picture Academy urging the film industry to include Jews in its diversity. Right now, as it stands, the Jewish people are excluded from the Motion Picture Academy’s Representation and Inclusion Standards. In doing so they are invalidating our historic and genetic identity. Jews must be included in these standards. But not only that, the letter explained how Hollywood was founded with internalized shame and imagined a set of standards that would improve Jewish representation and accommodations and bring us the proud and authentic depictions we know are possible. 

The letter was released with some notable signatories on it including David Schwimmer, Debra Messing, Ginnifer Goodwin and now Amy Schumer and Jason Alexander. More celebrities, entertainment executives and industry leaders are signing the letter daily. If you’re an industry professional, please sign the letter here.

Coverage of the issue is gaining steam as well. The initiative has been covered by The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, CNN, The New York Post, Daily Mail, The Times UK, Independent UK, MSN, Yahoo,  and more. 

We hope this will lead to more fruitful conversations on the topic and create real change.

See below for the full letter and its top signatories:

Jan 9 2024 Letter to Governors of the Motion Picture Academy

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