The Maccabees Didn’t Erase Their Identity Then, We Won’t Erase Our Zionism Now

Anti-Zionists have long insisted (in English, at least) that they don’t hate Jews – only “Zionists”.

You see, unlike those vulgar Nazis, they aren’t so barbaric as to oppose our existence outright. They’re only, quite understandably, uncomfortable with this absurd notion – passed down to us by Herzl et al – that we are equal to non-Jews. It’s simply outrageous. Just who do we think we are anyway?

And so the anti-Zionist offered us a deal. All we had to do was join them in their crusade against Jewish self-determination. Give it a kosher stamp of approval. Fashion ourselves a new identity – a new understanding of Jewishness centered on unconditional allyship to gentile minorities who, by dint of their non-Jewishness, are clearly more deserving of support than we could ever hope to be.

We were to play the role of the “once oppressed but now white privileged” parental guardians to the more virile and more valid gentile minorities, allowing them to use our history as props whenever they see fit. In exchange, we would be allowed to live, and occasionally “rescued” from danger (i.e. Nazis) by our gentile superiors like the good little “damsels in distress” we were supposed to be.

See, if we just did as our gentile betters instructed us, everything would have been just fine. We could have gone right back to being scattered, powerless, second-class minorities throughout the world, free to practice our culture in walled off ghettos while otherwise making ourselves useful.

But we refused this offer. Again, and again, and again, and again.

The anti-Zionists tried to be reasonable. They tried to reach out to us. They tried, gently, to make us see the error of our ways, albeit with the occasional show of force and majority intimidation to remind us who’s boss.

But we just wouldn’t see reason. And now we’re committing a *genocide* against Hamas, kicking Al-Jazeera out of our country, ruining people’s lives and careers left and right, and even threatening antisemitic Western journalists whose “only crime” was gleefully participating in Hamas’ murder orgy. This is an outrage! How DARE we!

“We thought maybe if they understood that we’re ONLY against Jewish self-determination and not Jewish LIFE as a whole, they would be sympathetic”, the anti-Zionist lamented. “Instead, they rejected us. They labeled us antisemites! I guess we were wrong. Maybe Hitler was right after all. We’ve tolerated their insolence long enough. It’s time to REMIND them of their place”.

The above is all satire, but you knew that.

The point I am making is this: perhaps anti-Zionists WERE sincere (at least at first) when they said “we don’t hate Jews, only Israel”. However, as it became clear to them that most of us were not going to join their campaign against Jewish rights, their attitudes changed and they developed a genuine antisemitic hatred.

Martin Luther’s journey was similar. His goal had always been to convert us to Christianity, but he was initially dovish towards us. It wasn’t the Church’s goal he disagreed with. It was their bellicose, violent, and over-the-top way of going about it that proved unsettling to him.

But, as Martin Luther got older, he realized that we had no interest in converting and became embittered towards us. Very much so. He wrote an entire book calling for pogroms and genocide. We all know what happened after that.

We are now seeing this very same arc play out yet again, right in front of our eyes. Only this time, there are millions of Martin Luthers rampaging in every Western capital, teaching their poison at esteemed universities, giving biased and distorted coverage at every Western outlet, carefully manipulating online resources (especially Wikipedia) so that only the “approved” narrative is accessible, and governing the highest echelons of the UN itself.

Because antisemitism  – like other racisms – is and has always been an ideology of domination, of keeping the  “inferior” other subordinate, under control, beneath “us”. Mass murder is only a last resort for when the “inferior” caste refuses to know its place. That is why we’re seeing this happen now.

This cycle will repeat itself, again and again and again, until the non-Jewish world can come to terms with the following…

  1. We are not your subordinates, and you are not our masters. We are your equals.
  2. We are here to stay.

We are not going to prostrate ourselves before you. We are going to use the same facilities, amenities, etc as you are, and to the same degree. We are going to build our houses as high as yours. We are going to live in the same neighborhoods. We are going to manifest ourselves and our culture as openly as we choose. We are not going to compromise or alter our identity to accommodate your prejudice. We are going to exercise self-determination in our indigenous homeland. We are going to claim our rightful status as the children of Israel – one of the oldest ethnicities and civilizations in the world – and we are going to celebrate and emphasize to the extent that we wish. We are not relinquishing our rights, any of them, for any reason.

The Hellenist Greeks said, we don’t hate Jews, we just hate your dumb traditions. Just be good Hellenist Jews and drop those backwards and outdated practices and you can live side by side with us.

The Maccabim did not accept this conditional, pared down version of Jewishness in their time and we shouldn’t accept it in ours.

We don’t care how certain you are of your “natural” superiority to us. We are not going to defer to you. We defer to no one but ourselves, and to whatever God/s we choose to follow. We are not evil or dastardly for asserting our humanity. We are simply humans. Just like you.

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  • Avatar photo Tony says on December 14, 2023

    Great article I am not Jewish I am a christian But i fully support your point of view We are separate but still worship the same God

  • Avatar photo Betsy Sanders says on December 26, 2023

    I disagree with point 1. You are not our equals, you are above us. It was prophesied that you would deliver a savior. For the Christians, you did through Christ Jesus. For the Muslims, you did through Mohammed. As far as I am concerned, as a Catholic, you as a people, have done what was asked of you. You delivered a savior & it was/is up to each individual which faith they choose to follow.

    I disagree with the statement regarding Martin Luther & his breaking away from the Catholic faith. Yes, he disagreed with some of the practices that were popular during his time, such as the additional prayers & tithing to gain immediate access to heaven but his breaking point to leave the Catholic faith was his sinfulness. He lusted after another & wanted a divorce from his wife with the full blessing of the church. The church denied his request & that is when he broke from the church & started loudly voicing his rhetoric regarding the Jewish faith.

    Other than that, this is an extremely well written article.


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