Jews In Slumber, No More

Our bubble was burst.
Our innocence destroyed.
After October 7, so many overjoyed.

We knew Jews were hated.
We didn’t know quite how much.
Our lives have all unraveled,
No segment left untouched.

In the pain we found each other.
All labels disappear.
To unite with one another,
Is a comfort we hold dear.

We’ve been awakened from our slumber.
We’ve been awakened from our sleep.
We’ve heard the call of our ancestors,
The connection is so deep.

We’ll find meaning in our texts,
And joy in our traditions.
We’ll pass a love of being Jewish to future generations.

We’ll put our trust in God,
As our people did before.
We’ll unite with one another,
Our enemies, we’ll ignore.

Our exile has been long
A painful time indeed.
But redemption lies ahead,
This has always been our creed.

We’ll love each other more,
Learn to laugh after we cry
We’ll strengthen one another,
Because Am Yisrael Chai!

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