These Orthodox Artists Are Making Statement Art

While some Orthodox Jewish artists are making traditional art as a form of decor, these artists are using their skills to create art that serves as commentary. Although art in and of itself can be a rare profession in the Orthodox Jewish world, there are hundreds of talented artists all over the world. Shoshana Golin-Cahn, Shifra Scheinman-Crawford and Tobi Kahn are just a few of the artists who are making nonconformist artwork while remaining fully religiously observant. Zalmen Glauber, an artist who recently opened Shtetl, a gallery in Brooklyn that collects Orthodox Jewish art, says, “The creative class in the community is exploding [over] the past 20 years, as far as singing and music. The past 10 years, it bled into fine art. So I saw the need to create a platform for these new artists to showcase their talent.” Read more here.




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