The “Tactical Rabbi” Created a Shabbos Jacket to Help Protect Shuls

Rabbi Raziel Cohen, a Lubavitcher firearms instructor, would prefer it if Jews didn’t even have to think about carrying guns on Shabbos. But in light of attacks against Jews at shuls, he has created the Tactical Kapota, a longer-style suit jacket worn by Chabad Hasidim on Shabbos, that can safely house a firearm with quick release snaps to open. The $550 jacket is a small price to pay for shul safety, in the care of a licensed user who can help protect the congregation. Cohen says, “The issue came up with when you wear a kapota … the ‘gartel’ gets in the way and the kapota gets in the way and it can make it dangerous to draw your weapon. Usually in a shul we try to keep a low profile, we don’t want to look like we’re in a war zone.” Read more here.

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