This Chanukah Had An Antisemitic Attack For Each Day Of The Holiday

As we publicized the miracle of Chanukah this week, there was, unfortunately, an antisemitic attack to number each day of the holiday. As our enemies rise up to destroy us, may we find renewed commitment to our heritage and pride.

  • Lexington, Kentucky authorities are investigating an attack at a menorah-lighting. A driver assaulted a man at the Chabad House/Jewish Student Center near the University of Kentucky campus on December 12. Read more here.
  • The only memorial to Holocaust victim Anne Frank in the U.S. is in Boise, Idaho. This week, it was plastered with stickers depicting a swastika. The life-sized bronze statue of the Jewish diarist shows her holding her diary and looking out the window of the annex in which she hid with her family for 761 days. Read more here.
  • Great Neck, New York’s North Shore Hebrew Academy’s website was hacked by antisemitic hackers. Long Island Police are investigating how disturbing images of swastikas, slurs and Nazi videos in a grotesque spoof of Holocaust hate replaced the yeshiva’s educational portal for several hours until it was taken down. Read more here.
  • In Kyiv, Ukraine, video was shot of a man shouting anti-Semitic phrases while toppling a giant communal menorah on erev Chanukah. “Ukrainians, we are a force. The Jews to the grave,” shouted the man, who was named by the Jewish community as known anti-Semitic activist Andriy Rachkov. Read more here.
  • A menorah outside of City Hall in Alameda, California was destroyed on the first night of Hanukkah. In response, the city declared, “Chanukah is a time for joy and dedication. “We celebrate to remember that hate does not win when we rise up against oppressors… our new menorah will shine brighter than ever before. In Alameda, we believe strongly that everyone belongs here in our inclusive community.” Read more here.
  • Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon reported that seven of the nine lights on the menorah set up on the Hanover, New Hampshire campus were apparently shot out with a pellet gun. Police and campus security are investigating. Hanlon said, “This appalling act of anti-Semitism, perpetuated during Hanukkah in the heart of our campus, is an affront to all.” Read more here.
  • A Davenport, Iowa synagogue was vandalized on the first night of Chanukah. Davenport Police and the FBI are now investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. Spray paint citing John 8:44, a verse in the New Testament in the Christian Bible, was scrawled there. Read more here.
  • A man was arrested on assault charges after he chanted anti-Semitic epithets at a man and his 12-year-old son in Miami Beach, Florida. “Unprovoked and for no apparent reason, he began chanting ‘I am going to f—ing kill you, f—ing Jews.’ ” They tried to get away by entering an ice cream parlor where other members of the Jewish community gathered. The man continued to scream hateful language at the group, including children, and resisted arrest. Two hunting knives were found in his backpack, and he continued “making anti-Semitic remarks while in custody.” Read more here.


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