Beatie Deutsch’s Olympic Appeal Makes Headlines & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Respect My Faith so I Can Compete at the Olympics – Bracha Deutsch Pleads for Shot at Tokyo
Shabbat is a day of rest: no technology, no distractions and absolutely no running. “I’m 100 percent committed to it. It’s amazing, we totally disconnect for family time – super powerful, restorative, recharging.” Deutsch’s attempts to overturn the International Olympic Association’s decision have fallen flat, but still hopes there might be room for negotiation now the Games have been postponed.

COVID Emptied a Church Food Pantry. Teaneck Neighbors Kept Donations ‘Coming and Coming’
A community-wide effort to restock a church’s dwindling food pantry was prompted by an unlikely hero. Nathan Safran, who is part of Teaneck’s Orthodox Jewish community, learned the shelves were bare and vowed to help. He wrote a personal check to the pantry, urging friends and neighbors to pitch in, beginning an unexpected avalanche of kindness.

Flight 232 Survivor Returns to Memorial Site, Shares Emotional Memories After More Than 30 Years
Yisroel Brownstein walks through the memorial to the crash of United Flight 232 with Rabbi Mendel Katzman. At 9 years old, Brownstein was on board when the plane crashed, and this is his first time returning to Sioux City.

NY Jewish Security Patrol Member Slashed While Stopping Gang Attack
A member of a Jewish security patrol was stabbed while trying to stop a gang fight in Brooklyn last night. This was the latest on a string of attacks on Orthodox Jews in recent days.

The Siddur That Survived the Nazis
This prayer book was published by Schocken in 1937, a year before Kristallnacht. Decades later, a reader at the National Library was surprised to find in it a clearly visible Nazi seal.

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