How Covid Brought One Big Family Together & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

In a Time of Social Isolation, How the Coronavirus Pandemic Brought One Big Family Together
The Leons had been living quietly in West Rogers Park with two of their four daughters at home — Yael, studies business at a local college, and Raina is a nurse at Northwestern Memorial. Daughter Liat came home from a medical college in Westchester, New York, to hunker down with family. Then the eldest, Ilana Langer, came home with her rabbinical student husband, Shimon, and their energetic little boys, Nosson, 4, Binyamin, 3, and Avraham, 20 months. Then Ilana gave birth to a fourth son!

Arab Doctor and an Ultra-Orthodox Jew Find Common Ground in a Covid Ward
When Jesse Michael Kramer was hospitalized with coronavirus, he realized as soon as the doctor in the spacesuit introduced himself that it would be a rare encounter. Kramer is an Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jew; Fadi Kharouf is a Palestinian Muslim. “He was very good to me.”

How Teaneck Eased the Grip of Coronavirus
As coronavirus rampaged through the Modern Orthodox community of New Rochelle in early March, 19 miles away in northern New Jersey, two Jewish deputy mayors met with Bergen County rabbis in a hastily called meeting. They didn’t want a repeat of New Rochelle, the early focal point for the spread of the disease. Local hospital officials forecast a likely shortfall in ventilators and a depletion of other resources. The rabbis immediately banned all public Jewish events, including synagogue and home-based prayer minyans, shared Shabbat meals, shiva visits and other joint activities or celebrations.

This Orthodox Jewish Family is Just Two Points Away From a Family Feud Payday
Mike needs just two points to win $20,000 for the Stein family in Fast Money. Watch what happens!

The Covid-19 Miracle
Eli Beer is the founder of United Hatzalah of Israel. He, of all people, got COVID-19…and the way everyone rallied around him is a story of hope.

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