Shulgoers Who Had Coronavirus Donate Blood to Help Others & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Romi Cohn Saved 56 Jewish Families. Coronavirus Took His Life
Mr. Cohn was only 15 when he began rescuing Jewish families in Czechoslovakia in 1944. He was resourceful enough to supply Jewish refugees with housing and furnish them with false Christian identifications, stamping them with German seals provided by a cooperative Gestapo source. In all, he saved 56 families, according to the Twitter account of Rep. Max Rose, his congressman on Staten Island, N.Y.

I Left the Satmar Hasidic Community. ‘Unorthodox’ Is a Grossly Inaccurate Depiction of That World.
Unorthodox does not accurately capture the soul of the Hasidic community. And this – this inaccuracy in spirit – is much harder to show. It’s okay to show the dark side of Hasidism, but the portrayal still needs to be human.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn Fight COVID-19 and Antisemitism
“The vast, vast majority of our community are abiding by guidelines,” he said. “But since we dress uniformly in a certain way, sometimes different things stand out, as opposed to when you would see thousands of people celebrating in concerts or bars and parks that are full.”

Lakewood Hopes New Lockdown Stamps Out Coronavirus Hot Spot
Lakewood, a town where two homeowners got summonses for hosting big weddings in defiance of NJ’s coronavirus lockdown, now reports deserted streets. But is it too late? Lakewood’s a COVID-19 hot spot.

‘It’s Time to Save People’: Young Israel Members Who Had Coronavirus Donate Blood to Help Others
When the coronavirus first struck New York, Sandra Weinstein, a congregant at Young Israel of New Rochelle, said she felt like a pariah. The first cluster of cases in New York state originated from her synagogue before the virus spread across Westchester County and the state. Now, she and hundreds of synagogue members could become heroes.

Jewish Matchmaking Won’t Stop For Coronavirus — But It Has Moved Online
Elchonen sees ShidduchView as a way to make the Orthodox matchmaking system available to a wider swath of the Jewish population. He stressed that the app was in the works long before coronavirus. But for those who don’t want the virus to halt the hunt for a soulmate, the app, which debuted in February and, according to Elchonen, currently has approximately 1,000 users, couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

New Jersey Doctor Worries Coronavirus Exposure Will Cost Him His Life
“I have a 4-year-old son… my greatest fear is that I’m going to be nothing more than a fleeting memory to him. That he’ll never remember who I am.” Dr. Jason Shatkin, a pulmonary care specialist at The Valley Hospital in New Jersey, worries that his constant exposure to coronavirus may cost him his life.

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