Food Soothes Tense Lakewood Neighbor Relations & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Jersey City Mayor: Gunmen Wanted to Target Next Door Yeshiva With 50 Kids Inside
“It’s very, very clear that the perpetrator first doesn’t go directly to the deli, he goes toward the door adjacent to it, the building and the doors adjacent to it are the yeshiva…he brought a pipe bomb and he brought 5 guns and hundreds of bullets…we know that he drove deliberately to that location,” said Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. “…It’s hard to come to any other conclusion.”

‘Cowardly Attack’: Police Hunt For Man Who Vandalized Beverly Hills Synagogue
Police are searching for a man who broke into and ransacked the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills Saturday morning. The city’s first Jewish mayor says, “This cowardly attack hits at the heart of who we are as a community. It’s not just an attack on the Jewish community of Beverly Hills. It’s all attack on all of us… The entire city stands in solidarity behind Nessah, its members and congregants.”

Education Official Tweets Anti-Semitic Rant About Jersey City Shooting Rampage
Jersey City Mayor Fulop said, “My opinion is she should resign. That type of language has no place in our schools and no place amongst elected officials. Imagine she said this about any other community. [W]hat would the reaction be? The same standard should apply here.”

2019 Year in Review: When Food Writing is More Than Writing About Food
“It was so gratifying to get to know some Orthodox women [Through the Unity Project, an initiative aimed at improving relations between local Orthodox and non-Orthodox residents] and talk about everyday stuff,” she said. “I think we all tend to see each other as unapproachable… It was a relief to be open and candid, and for all of us to ask questions. I didn’t expect to laugh so hard with them.”

Sheitels, Jewels, Stories: Orthodox Holocaust Survivor Women Speak Their Lives
In a sunlit space in Brooklyn’s Industry City — warehouse-style windows, exposed ceilings, Lucite fixtures — forty Orthodox women who survived the Holocaust gathered December 16 for a very chic Hanukkah party. The event was organized by Orthodox jewelry designer and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors Freida Rothman, in collaboration with Nachas Health and Family Network, a Boro Park-based nonprofit devoted to social events and support services for the Holocaust survivor community in Brooklyn.

From Drugs and Guns to Orthodox Judaism
Meet Nissim Black – a former drug-dealing gangsta rapper who left the US and now lives in Israel as an Ultra-Orthodox Jew. He also happens to be forging a successful music career.

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